Building a long term business relationship

I had been trying to write my first blog and fortunately today is the day I got a chance to make it.

Many times, a question hits in mind what special they need to do in order to build a long term business relationship with their customers? If the analysis gets summarized, it lists following three important things which we can say as the three ingredients for the best recipe to make the business relationship long lasting.

Know yourself

Before putting this ingredient into here to build a long term relationship, I believe it should be placed into the very top position in the dictionary of business. Because without knowing yourself how could the business be established? There are three questions and answer of those can make you complete:

Who are you?
If you know your capabilities, your strength and your weaknesses, it makes you more confident while talking with people and that is somewhat the first milestone of establishing trust between you and your customers.
What do you want to do?
“Is this what I want to do?” should be question of the day. Keep remembering yourself that you are still doing this because you want to do it. The time you feel the answer is no, you need to work on it to find the path to get to the point where you can say again “yes”.
Vision, Mission & Ethics
There should be a vision associated with what you are doing and mission targeting how you would do it without compromising your ethics.

Know your customer

After knowing yourself, now its time to understand your customer, his need, his behavior (like some people love to interact personally but some like to be much concentrated on business rather than personal).

Now as you already know capabilities of yours and you know your customer as well, it will help you establishing trust between you and your customer.

Establishment of Trust

Business is like a thread between two people or organizations. Now, this thread is made of the materials like honesty, transparency, fulfilling commitments, quality, WOW factor etc. so much the quantity you use of these the thread will be much stronger. We must remember that business is always held between people and people like to talk to those only whom they trust.

Thank you for reading and I would be pleased to see your comment and thoughts.